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Application for Employment

We are a very mission minded rural Southern Baptist church in southern Lancaster County, situated in the heart of Amish country, Pennsylvania, bordering Maryland. Wrightsdale was established in 1933 as the first Southern Baptist church in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to be, share, and love like Jesus. We have thriving family and children’s ministries and average 235 attendees on any given Sunday. We are a multi-generational congregation who enjoy various forms of worship. 

We are seeking a part-time administrative assistant with hours Monday-Friday, 8AM to Noon. 

Job Description

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for directing and conducting the operations of the church office, representing the church in a courteous and professional manner. The Administrative Assistant will provide support to the pastor and pastoral staff at WBC and assist members/others with needs or questions as they arise.

Job Skills Required

This position is oftentimes the first and sometime the only face of the church seen by individuals. The ability to communicate with a Christ-like attitude is imperative.

The reputation and integrity of others must be protected through strict confidentiality and a high level of trust must be demonstrated. Violation of that trust will result in immediate dismissal.

The ability to organize and administer information is a necessity. Individual must be willing to take initiative and follow through with details.

The Administrative Assistant must have a working knowledge of computer programs, including Word, Publisher and Excel. The ability to operate the copier and folding machine is necessary.

Attendance must be timely, with the ability to vary schedule when needed.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

The Administrative Assistant will act as the church receptionist, presenting a Christ-like image, being courteous, helpful and positive. Duties include answering the telephone, sorting and distributing mail, receiving appointments and drop-ins, while referring all to the appropriate individual.

The Administrative Assistant is the Pastor’s secretary, and as such, will do typing, filing, copying and corresponding as directed by the Pastor.

Additional duties for pastoral support members, committees and ministries within the church, such as helping with correspondence, telephoning and other tasks should be done as requested. If time is not permitted, these requests should be reviewed with the Pastor for an appropriate approval and decision.

The Administrative Assistant will maintain office files in an orderly manner. Confidential background checks must be filed and held in the strictest confidence. All records are the property of WBC and should stay in the church office, unless approved by the Pastor.

Church members will have requests or information for certain committee members. The Administrative Assistant will sometimes act as a liaison, in that they will relay that information to the appropriate individual or committee. Duties to not include supervision, but information must be passed on to the appropriate party.

The Administrative Assistant will maintain the master church calendar. This responsibility includes reservations for the sanctuary and Douglas Hall, notifying the custodian of specific set- up needs and notifying the sound technician, when applicable.

The Administrative Assistant will prepare the weekly bulletin, which includes keeping an up-to- date calendar of events, gathering information in the designated format, proof-reading, copying and folding the weekly bulletin. The bulletin must also be sent to the Director of Family Ministries to be attached to the weekly e-mail blast.

The Administrative Assistant will maintain office equipment, which includes operation and scheduling maintenance according to needs, and ordering supplies needed to operate equipment (paper, toner, etc.)

If the Administrative Assistant is a member of WBC, volunteering is encouraged; however, it is to be done on personal time.

Social Media can be helpful in this job. However, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., used for personally staying in touch with members should be done on personal time, outside of this position, and not on the church computer. (Refer to the Employee Handbook.)

The Administrative Assistant will take calls for benevolence needs, log the information and pass that information on to the Benevolence Committee. Any walk-in benevolence needs will be handled in the same manner as a call.

With the direction of the Pastor and other church leadership, the Administrative Assistant will handle ordering and purchasing for the church, when necessary.

With the direction of the Sunday School Director, the Administrative Assistant may need to order Sunday School materials. When materials arrive, they may need to distribute materials to their appropriate rooms, if requested by the Director.

Decisions made from the church office will be made based on church policies. The Administrative Assistant will also perform other duties, as assigned.


Please use the link below to apply for the position. 

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