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Growth track

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an intentional pathway to
help you grow in your faith!

What is a GROWTH TRACK? A "growth track" is an intentional series of discipleship classes designed to help a person grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. It's a pathway designed to lead you from timid inexperience to confident maturity and effectiveness in your walk with Jesus.   

You didn't RUN before you knew how to WALK, right?  First you crawled, then you walked, and then you ran! 


The same principle applies to spiritual life in Jesus.  Perhaps you are a new Christian who recently came to faith in Jesus and you want to know where to begin. Maybe you are a Christian but you were never taught the basics of Christianity: reading and understanding the Bible, prayer, worship, giving, service, and sharing your faith with others. You feel like there are gaping holes in your experience and you want to learn more.

You may even be a veteran Christian but you are spiritually stalled and stagnant.  It has been a long time since you were excited about your faith or you experienced any forward growth or momentum.  This is why a GROWTH TRACK is so valuable!  You CAN grow, because that is what Jesus has planned for you!

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Wrightsdale is about to launch the first "Growth Track" class on Sunday, April 7th at 9 AM.  This will be the first of FOUR "Growth Track" discipleship classes that will run for six (6) weeks in the Spring and Fall.   (Classes 1 & 3 - Spring)  (Classes 2 & 4 - Fall) 

Sign up today to reserve your spot and get growing!  Growth Track #1 will be led by Rusty and Dana Young and the study book is provided for free. Sign-up today using the Google Form below and we hope to see you there!

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